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We have separated Books according to the aim and purpose of study. There are numerous varieties of Visa's which is popular in Nepal. So, we refer books according to the aim, purpose and type of visa that students are interested on.

  1. Student Visa:

    Minna No Nihongo (Part I , II)

  2. Specified Skill Visa:

    Marugoto A1 (Kostudo, Rikai)
    Marugoto A2 Elementary 1 (Kostudo, Rikai)
    Marugoto A2 Elementary 2 (Kostudo, Rikai)

  3. Training Visa (JITCO)

    Midori (Japanese Language for Training Visa)

  4. Dependent Visa, Tourist Visa

    Marugoto A1 (Kostudo, Rikai)